Who is Behind All This?

Julie Cravens is a highly skilled custom artist specializing in decorative painting and restoration, with a diverse range of expertise that encompasses faux furniture, murals, furniture refinishing, architectural restoration, and decorative painting. Her artistic journey began in the realm of art restoration at a gallery in Florida, where she honed her skills and passion for preserving and enhancing the beauty of various art forms.

With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Julie Cravens stands as a seasoned expert in the field of restoration and decorative painting. Her journey began in a gallery in Florida, and over the years, she has evolved into a sought-after artisan, collaborating with designers, builders, architects, fellow artists, restorers, and conservators alike.

Julie's artistic prowess and dedication to her craft propelled her to seek new challenges and opportunities. Her journey took her to prominent artistic hubs such as Boston, New York, and Washington D.C., where she refined her abilities to transform surfaces into stunning illusions. With a remarkable ability to mimic the appearance of metals, marbles, woods, and Venetian plaster, Julie can make anything look like a work of art.

Julie's collaborative spirit has led her to work with designers, builders, architects, and fellow artists on projects of all scales and complexities. From custom murals and commissions to gold leafing, furniture refinishing, and frame repairs, she has left her artistic mark on a multitude of spaces and objects.

Her reputation for excellence is not confined to traditional restoration; Julie has been entrusted with unique projects, such as blending stained concrete flooring seamlessly and transforming resin outdoor sculptures into convincing bronze masterpieces. Through her artistry and technical prowess, she has become a trusted partner in breathing new life into a variety of environments.

One of Julie's distinctive talents lies in the creation of custom murals, commissions, gold leafing, furniture refinishing, and frame repairs. She has become a sought-after expert in building conservation and art conservation, contributing to the preservation of both historic and contemporary pieces. Her skills extend beyond traditional restoration, as she has been entrusted with projects such as blending stained concrete flooring seamlessly and transforming a resin outdoor sculpture into a convincing bronze masterpiece.

Versatility defines Julie's work, and she is capable of creating murals of all kinds to breathe life into any room. Her ability to envision and execute artistic transformations is evident in her capacity to revitalize residential and commercial spaces through furniture refinishing. This includes repainting cabinets, rejuvenating light fixtures, refinishing countertops, and employing various painting and finishing techniques to bring a new aesthetic to any environment.

Julie Cravens continues to leave her artistic imprint on spaces across the country, blending creativity, technical expertise, and a passion for preservation. Through her unique combination of skills, she has become a trusted artist in the realm of decorative painting and restoration, bringing artistry and life to surfaces that others might overlook.

------------------   Past Work Experience   ------------------

In addition to her illustrious career as a custom artist, Julie Cravens has accumulated a wealth of diverse and enriching experiences through various roles and projects. Her recent projects, particularly during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, have showcased her versatile skills as a craftsman and artist.

Private Projects

Julie's recent endeavors have included significant transformations within her own living spaces. During the Covid period, she undertook ambitious projects such as completely revamping her son's room, engaging in furniture restoration, renovating her living room, and adding a bathroom to her art studio. These projects involved a wide range of skills, including welding, woodworking, and painting. She also delved into the realm of drawings and portrait paintings, showcasing her multifaceted artistic talents.

Art Conservation Lab of Michigan

Julie served as an art conservation technician at the Art Conservation Lab of Michigan, contributing her expertise to the preservation of historic paintings, porcelain, frames, and sculptures. Her role involved intricate work on a variety of artistic mediums, demonstrating her commitment to the delicate and meticulous aspects of art conservation.

Building Arts and Conservation

In a freelance capacity, Julie worked as an art conservation and restoration technician for Saint Patrick Church in Waynedotte, Michigan, under Building Arts and Conservation. Her contributions played a crucial role in preserving the artistic and historical integrity of the church.

Evergreene Architectural Arts

Julie collaborated with Evergreene Architectural Arts, contributing to the restoration efforts of the Robert E. Lee house at Arlington Cemetery. Her involvement in this high-profile project showcased her ability to work on historically significant structures with precision and expertise.

The Valley Craftsmen LTD

As the lead production manager at The Valley Craftsmen LTD for many years, Julie played a pivotal role in overseeing and managing various aspects of the production process. Her leadership skills were instrumental in ensuring the successful execution of projects undertaken by the company.

Pavo Real Gallery

Julie's journey in the restoration field began at Pavo Real Gallery, where she not only fixed broken artworks but also demonstrated a keen ability to match colors seamlessly. Her roles expanded to include sales, management, and buying responsibilities. Julie's dedication and skills saw her relocate with the company, contributing to its success in Florida, Boston, New York, and Washington DC.