• Decorative Painting
    Restorative Artistry
Decorative Painting 

Customized decorative painting services designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any setting, catering to a variety of purposes with artistic finesse.


Tailored restorative artwork services, meticulously crafted to revive and enhance the visual allure of diverse spaces with a focus on preservation and artistic refinement.


Tailored murals suitable for any space seeking a distinctive and exceptional touch.


Bespoke architectural decorative artwork, adding a personalized and sophisticated touch to any space.

Sample Works

Decorative Painting

Julie's architectural eye unparalleled. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to blend historical integrity with contemporary elegance transforms any space.

Julie's unique creations reflects artistic expertise, deep understanding of client's vision, and creative intuition. Julie's work is a testament to her skill in crafting bespoke pieces that elevate and resonate with the essence of any environment.

Julie's murals are a testament to her artistic brilliance. Each mural she creates is a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, transforming ordinary spaces into captivating works of art.

Who is Julie Cravens?

I am a freelance artist based in Michigan, specializing in decorative painting, art restoration, murals, and architectural design. Nestled on our idyllic Michigan farm, my art studio on the country property is the hub of my creative endeavors. From custom decorative paintings that reflect the spirit of their time to delicate art restoration projects, I breathe life into each piece with meticulous care. Murals transform into vivid narratives, encapsulating the core of each artwork, and with a passion for architectural decor, I infuse spaces with unique, personalized touches that reflect the essence of each environment. Balancing family life on the farm with my artistic pursuits, each project is a harmonious dance between creativity and the love I pour into my craft. Every creation tells a story of culture, elegance and artistic finesse.

-Julie Cravens